All papers must report original, previously unpublished, scientific and technical findings in the scopes of the conference, prepare correctly with guidelines of each journal. Please to send the full manuscript of paper directly to the journal which the article was chosen from the list:

Ecological Engineering (IF = 2.914 – in 2016/2017)

Archives of Environmental Protection (IF = 0.708 – in 2016/2017)

Journal of Water and Land Development 

Journal of Ecological Engineering

Acta Scientiarum Polonorum - Formatio Circumiectus

Web of Conference - guidelines for authors:

 Web of Conference

 License Agreement

 Publications to the Web of Conference base should be sending on the e-mail: 


IMPORTANT FOR ALL PUBLICATIONS: In the all papers should be added annotation: Publication supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education as a part of the program of activities disseminating science from the project „Organization of the First International Science Conference – Ecological and Environmental Engineering”, 26-29 June 2018, Kraków.



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