Full papers submitted up to 1st June 2022 will be selected and pre-reviewed by the Scientific Committee and recommendation to the submission of the articles to journals given below will be provided: 

·    Ecological Engineering (IF = 4.035 – in 2020)


·     Water (IF = 3.103 – in 2020)

Special Issue "Improved Constructed Wetlands"


·   Archives of Environmental Protection (IF = 1.489 – in 2020)


·   Journal of Water and Land Development


·    Journal of Ecological Engineering


·    Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal


·    Acta Scientiarum Polonorum – Formatio Circumiectus


All papers must report original, previously unpublished, scientific and technical findings in the scopes of the conference. The publication cost depends on the individual requirements of the journal and its covered by authors separately to conference costs. The articles have to be submitted by authors to the selected Journal with proper information about the conferences (the text of the statement will be provided together with initial paper’s recommendation). The Conference Scientific Committee does not take responsibility in case of rejection of the paper by Journal Editorial Board.





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