Session topics
Water and wastewater technology

water supply; water management; water re-use; water quality; water treatment; semi-natural wastewater treatment systems; municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; sewerage systems; sewage sludge management; landfill leachates; storm water treatment and management; ecotoxicology

Waste management and renewable energy

ecological methods of waste management; landfills restoration; waste-to-energy; biomass and biofuels; biogas production and applications; wind, solar and geothermal energy; hydropower; energy storage;  renewable energy sources and the environment; social and economic aspects of “green energy”

Hydrology and river ecosystems

waterway of Odra river; water gardens and floating islands; urban water management and restoration; hydrological modelling; drought monitoring, early warning, and projection; flood prediction and management; hydro-meteorological extremes; analysis of hydrologic events; water and energy cycle pathways; water reservoirs; groundwater hydrology and monitoring

Environment protection and development

soil degradation, protection and remediation; protection and formation of water resources;  landscape protection; organization of the agricultural production area; sustainable management of natural resources; spatial management; monitoring of environment; analyzing and reporting on the environment; environmental protection regulations; sustainable land use


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