Session topics

Water and wastwater technology

municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, water supply, sewerage systems, water management, sludge dewatering and stabilization, landfill leachates, storm water treatment, groundwater and surface water treatment, water re-use, constructed wetlands;

Renewable energy

biomass and biofuels, biogas production and applications, waste-to-energy, hybrid systems, wind, solar and geothermal energy, hydropower, energy storage, logistics of biomass supply, the impact of renewable energy sources on the environment, social and economic aspects of “green energy”;

Climate changes

climate change and climatology, global warming effects and causes, modeling and detection of recent and future climate change, climate change law and policy, pollution and its effects on climate, role of renewable energy sources in a global warming, climate change economics, solutions for climate change;

Formation and protection of environment

soil degradation, protection and remediation, protection and formation of water resources, landscape protection, organization of the agricultural production area, sustainable management of natural resources, spatial management, monitoring of environment, waste management, analyzing and reporting on the environment, environmental protection regulations, sustainable land use;

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