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On behalf of the 3rd International Conference of Ecological and Environmental Engineering (3rd COEE) the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to Poznań, Poland. That wonderful city combines culture, art, science and history. Poznań is a one of the oldest and most dynamically developing cities in Poland with an over one thousand years of history. This unique city not only because of its cultural and business traditions but also thanks to its citizens, who create the city’s ambience. Poznań’s opera house, philharmonic and its numerous theaters and galleries have made it a true cultural center. Capital of the Wielkopolska region is famous for historic Old Town with perfectly renovated townhouses, numerous restaurants, cafes, nosheries where the social life flourishes into small hours. A great prestige has the international theater festival of Malta, which attracts representatives from many countries. On the Malta Regatta Course the World Cup, European and World Championship in rowing and canoeing are held recurrently. Poznań is a very strong academic center. Apart from state schools there are 20 public colleges with wide offer of education of almost every type.  

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Joanna Jaskuła, PhD
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