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Krakow is one of the most culturally and politically significant cities in Poland. It is second largest city in Poland both with reard to the population and surface area. Krakow is Royal Capital City and necropolis of Polish kings, as well as the capital of Małopolska Region. It is one of the most famous, beautiful and oldest cities of the Poland. Krakow is a tourist destination which attracts millions of visitors from all across the globe every year.

The city has around 17 universities which makes it a perfect educational destination for the students including foreigners. The rich culture and unique attractions make this city a rare destination of Europe where medieval city is still the central attraction of the modern metropolis. The historical museums, churches and other monuments allow people who are interested in living in the lap of history to enhance their knowledge. If you like traveling and appreciate art, science and old culture, Krakow is the best place for you to visit.

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Ojców National Park


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